While people criticized Facebook as being a waste of time, 
we focused on the friends who are on it everyday, sharing the  
  places they've been, the books they've read, and the bands they
recently discovered. Friends inspire us by simply doing the things they love.

And so the things we see on Facebook are no longer a waste of time,
but inspire what we do off of it. 

Our campaign, "Where Will Your Friends Take You?" launched in 2014.
We produced 13 spots. Here are a few of them. 


"We Are Not Alone"

"Tour Guides"


"Happy New You"

"Summer Friendly"


"Big Sister"

You can check out all the other spots here


Role: Copywriter
AD: Zack Madrigal & Jessica Shriftman
Director: The Mercadantes
Director ("Tour Guides"): Clayton Vomero