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Beijingers talk a lot. Non-Beijingers say they’re full of shit.
We created a campaign that stood with Beijing. Saying their brags
are promises. And that everyone should “Believe a Beijinger.”

The heart of the campaign was a month-long basketball tournament
that found and ranked the best 99 basketball players in Beijing.
An opportunity for every over-confident, trash-talking Beijinger to
prove they are as good as they say they are.

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We designed and created 99 one-of-a-kind jerseys. Ranked 1-99.
The only way you could get one was to win one at the tournament.

The jersey design was inspired by an ancient military ranking system from
the Ming and Qing dynasties. Rank badges featured different mythical animals
and were embroidered on robes. Each rank was a different animal and color.
The Emperor wore a golden robe with a dragon.

Traditional Chinese portrait painting served as the basis for our OOH design.
These paintings were reserved for military and cultural leaders. The elite.


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We released our OOH and this teaser video to promote the tournament
and recruit players. Thousands of Beijingers signed up.

The tournament took place over the course of four weekends.
Thousands participated. The top 99 players at any point played in their
respective jerseys, indicating their rank. Making the jerseys not just
trophies, but a wearable ranking system.


Role: Creative Director
Partners: Dong Hao (CD) Zhong How (AD) Josh King (AD)
Matt Meszaros (CW) Aier Xu (CW)