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- Nike Women - "Further Than Ever"

Further Than Ever

When you’re told you’ve gone too far, go further.

Chinese Women have long been encouraged to be strong, successful,
independent and ambitious. But it has always been followed by an unspoken, “within reason.”
This campaign takes on that idea by highlighting Chinese athletes who are pushing
boundaries and going further than women in China ever have before.

Our team researched and found these stories. A skier who can’t walk.
The Chinese National Basketball team captain who is simultaneously pursing a doctoral degree.
Four students who rowed across the Atlantic in world-record time. A mountain climber who
openly faces her depression. The best boxer in Chinese history. The tennis champion.

On International Women’s Day, we released our film and
blanketed major cities with these women’s stories.

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Each of their stories began with an act of defiance.
We went back to their hometowns and created installations
honoring the moment they decided to pursue their dreams.

Cai Zong Ju — Shandong — Cai Village

Shao Ting — Shanghai — Jianping High School

Li Na — Wuhan — The Jiangtan Park


Role: Creative Director
Partners: Dong Hao (CD) Matt Meszaros (CW) Josh King (AD)
Ruby Li (CW) Moon Qi (AD)
Director: Ian Pons Jewell